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Advisory Services

SMA helps sports properties optimize multi-platform content distribution strategies (including negotiating their primary media rights deals), develop and execute growth strategies for sports related businesses, and perform diligence and deal support for investors considering sports related opportunities.


  • Assisting in the development of long and short-term media strategies including optimal approaches to multi-platform content creation, distribution, and monetization.

  • Helping sports properties/businesses meet their monetary and non-monetary objectives including fan/customer development and brand building.

  • Helping build and execute strategies to extend businesses into the sports industry.

  • Advising on the development of product and/or service offerings.

  • Building business plans.

  • Analyzing and advising on board level strategic decisions and transactions.

Rights Negotiations & Valuations

  • Participating in television and digital media rights negotiations on behalf of leagues, teams, governing bodies, and other properties and/or media outlets.

  • Providing industry research and analysis to support negotiations including determining optimal outlets to meet business objectives.

  • Building valuation models including financial projections and comparables analysis.

  • Evaluating the pros and cons of proprietary Direct-to-Consumer services vs. partnering with third parties.

  • Advising on market dynamics, deal strategy, structuring, and negotiation.

  • Supporting properties after deals are signed to ensure optimal execution as issues inevitably arise.

  • Providing expert counsel and testimony in litigation, arbitration, and other disputes.

Business Development 

  • Leveraging our expertise to drive new revenue opportunities for clients.

  • Utilizing our extensive network of industry relationships to ensure our clients get the right audience at leagues, teams, federations and other entities and/or other television and digital media outlets.

  • Developing go-to-market strategies designed to best navigate the complex sports media landscape.

  • Helping to negotiate deals and determine market value.

  • Evaluating and improving positioning of products and/or services to the marketplace.

  • Modeling and analyzing expected ROI as opportunities develop.

Investment Opportunities

  • Helping companies and investment firms identify, evaluate, and execute potential acquisitions, investments, or other transactions.

  • Building financial models and performing quantitative analysis reflecting the specifics of each situation and/or transaction.

  • Helping investors understand the sports media world, where it is heading (including the future of rights fees), and the potential implications of investment strategies. 

  • Projecting the value of a property’s sports rights and advising on the outlook of its media business.

  • Providing advisory services to companies seeking to find an acquirer.

  • Assisting with fundraising efforts.

Busness Development
Financial Tranactions
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